Saturday, 9 July 2016

Scrap wood Beach hut bunting & Reloved magazine

Scrap wood beach hut bunting...

Over the years I've been aware that I should document the projects it make, with photos and step by step instructions. This was the basis for my book 'Mixed Media and found materials (published in 2010)- here there are many concepts reusing fabrics and reclaimed materials to make colourful interior items. 

Since my book I've somehow got carried away and just make stuff without documenting it- which is actually really nice, as it's more free flowing, however
Reloved magazine recently approached me asking if I'd be interested in project designing for them- where each month I come up with a design based on their chosen theme- this has prompted me to start taking more photos and writing about what I do again. 

It's also got my brain ticking and I've been having big brainstorms with new projects and trying to push my ideas. 

The theme for July was 'beach',not a difficult brief when a lot of my inspiration comes from Caribbean colour. 
Reloved mag like ideas which can be quick, simple, which none can do. 
So I thought of a simple garland, and  because of my love for wood and 3D design (I often find traditional fabric bunting a bit twee) thought using scrap wood was a nice idea.

The following is a guide of how to make 'beach hut bunting' which will brighten up any room, to be displayed on a wall of hung above a doorway.

Scrap wood (thick card can be used but won't last as long) ban saw, modge podge or PVA glue, scissors, imagery (photo copy print outs of pattern from books/magazines/wallpaper), string,hooks.

(Steps to follow) 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Upcycling one 11th June

Last Saturday was upcycling day here at Meadows End Cottage- 
The students learnt a range of techniques from furniture prep, light upholstery, chalk painting techniques and decoupage. 

Also enjoyed a home made lunch out in the sunshine. 
Four bespoke nearly finished chairs. All that's left to do is add a trim around the bottom. 
My courses are £95 for the day 10am-4pm, lunch, tea and cake is included. Bring a project but all prep materials are included. 

Taste of Interior design course

So far the courses I've been running having been a real success- over the last month I've run 'A taste of interior design' which is a crash course day to inspire and inform, and students have gone home with the confidence to be brave with their interior design choices at home. 

I teach interior design at Nottingham Trent, and for this one day course I have picked my favourite elements and combined them into this inspirational day.
The day is both practical and theoretical- it covers: colour theory and schemes, pattern and texture, mood boards and other design tips. 

A home made lunch and lots of tea and cake is included. 
A chance to meet like minded people as well as enjoying a creative day which will give you all the confidence you'll need to re-design your home. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Up and coming workshops

The Sewing Surgery
Starting 3rd May
Tuesday night's, 7.30pm-9.30pm
Blocks of 5 sessions £110
Turnditch, Derbyshire Dales 

Bring along small projects; anything from furniture up-cycling, clothes alterations, soft furnishing, baby blankets, or simply learning to use a sewing machine.

Enjoy an evening in a relaxed environment, being creative and getting expert help whilst having a natter with like minded creatives!
All abilities welcome. 

Up-cycling and Revamping Furniture
11th June
Full day workshop- 10am-4pm
Turnditch, Derbyshire Dales 

Bring along a chosen peice of furniture to re-create, such as foot stall, drop seat chair or head board. 

Learn various techniques to suit your project, such as paint effects, appliqué, decoupage and upholstery. 

Come away with a range of new skills and a unique furniture peice. 

Prep materials, Lunch/tea and cake provided. Please bring along your top fabrics and any preferred paint colours. 

A Taste of Interior Design;
23rd July
Full day 10am-4pm
Turnditch, Derbyshire Dales
An exciting day, mixing theory and practical tasks.
Learn about colour, the rules and breaking the rules; how to work with pattern and texture; and how to design mood boards.
Go away feeling confident and inspired to re-design a room.

All materials, lunch, tea/cake provided. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Blind and cushion workshop

The weekends session went really well. 
Everyone who came managed to take home a finished blind made for their specific window or a selection of unusual cushions.
It felt like the first day of spring so we ate our lunch outside- home made quiche, salad and bread...washed down with plenty of tea and coffee and homemade cakes!
In the future I'll have a studio outside, but for the meantime I cleared the kitchen and set up work stations for everyone and sewing machines.

One of the ladies brought her own blind fabric, but wanted to brighten it up, so had a rummage in my selection and picked this bright yellow/green to compliment it. She's then going to add some bright buttons and tassles to make it really individual. 
Enjoying the fresh air and views over a spot of lunch! 
One of the lovely ladies left a review on my Face book page: 

'I attended Lucy's Roman Blind workshop as a gift to my mum for Mothering Sunday. Lucy was warm and welcoming and based her workshops in her unique home. She created an informal and socialable day delivering an array of experience in interiors. I loved the fact that each person brought a different idea of the same project to the table, which made it personalised. We all ended up with a finished product we were happy with and Lucy made it achievable. I really recommend that whatever your background or experience Lucy will be supportive and help you learn new skills that you will continue to use. Thank you so much for an amazing day! Plus the lunch was delicious and was lovely to eat outside looking out into the countryside. Thank you so much.'  Abbie 

The next workshop will be on the 2nd April 2016. 'A taste of Interior Design'
A day to inspire any interior enthusiasts, it'll be a mix of theory and practical tasks, and give you the confidence to be bold and brave with your own interiors.
Turnditch, Belper, Derbyshire 
All materials, lunch, tea and cake included.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Stair runner

I really wanted something modern and bright, yet functional and homely to go up the stairs. Lots of carpet shops sell really dodgy old fashioned ones, but I managed to find a pretty nice company called 'Dash and Albert' who sell various rugs in different sizes which you join together to make a runner.
They sounded easy enough to install, you just had to have a few upholstery tools....staple gun,upholstery hammer, tack remover, back tack (which is long strips of card to do neat hidden folds)
I have all the tools from my other upholstery work. 
This was the chosen pattern- they're call indoor/outdoor rugs witch are made to suit high traffic areas, and can be easily cleaned- made from recycled plastics. 
Here's the Stairs finished- I absolutely love it and it's exactly what I had in mind. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Manikin madness

Fun morning out at the Scrap store- I LOVE it! The boys loved it too, a shopping trip where you can put whatever you like in the trolley! 
Came home with 'Cassandra' a bright orange manikin!! Thinking she might make a standing lamp! Wasn't exactly what I went shopping for, but very chuffed with her.
This trip was more of a novelty trip for Rupert, he filled a giant bag with everything from wood, carpet rolls, ribbons, strange electric cables, pipes.....
It'll keep him amused for hours at home, better than any toy!
Stacks of fabric too- I'll be heading back another day to get some of this for some project or another. 

Wooden Chandelier

Wooden Chandelier
Maison et Objet exhibiton. A bespoke commission for Liberty London came from this show.