Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Solentiname islands. Nicaragua.

Stayed on the most wonderful remote island on lake Nicaragua- the islands tranquility and colourfulness attracts many artists to their shores. Painters and woodcarvers share the islands with farmers and fishermen.
Mancarrón is Solentiname's largest island, where we stayed, it is here that the priest and poet Ernesto Cardenal’s historical parish is to be found. Father Cardenal arrived in the islands in 1966 and is known for establishing a communal society for artists in the early 1970s which persists to this day. The community developed its own naïve art movement based on existing folk forms, and with some help from painter Róger Pérez de la Rocha.

Ernesto Cardenal’s parish, a beautiful little place with colourful paintings of wildlife.

Leaving the island at 5am-one of the most beautiful places in the world!

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Wooden Chandelier

Wooden Chandelier
Maison et Objet exhibiton. A bespoke commission for Liberty London came from this show.