Saturday, 9 July 2016

Scrap wood Beach hut bunting & Reloved magazine

Scrap wood beach hut bunting...

Over the years I've been aware that I should document the projects it make, with photos and step by step instructions. This was the basis for my book 'Mixed Media and found materials (published in 2010)- here there are many concepts reusing fabrics and reclaimed materials to make colourful interior items. 

Since my book I've somehow got carried away and just make stuff without documenting it- which is actually really nice, as it's more free flowing, however
Reloved magazine recently approached me asking if I'd be interested in project designing for them- where each month I come up with a design based on their chosen theme- this has prompted me to start taking more photos and writing about what I do again. 

It's also got my brain ticking and I've been having big brainstorms with new projects and trying to push my ideas. 

The theme for July was 'beach',not a difficult brief when a lot of my inspiration comes from Caribbean colour. 
Reloved mag like ideas which can be quick, simple, which none can do. 
So I thought of a simple garland, and  because of my love for wood and 3D design (I often find traditional fabric bunting a bit twee) thought using scrap wood was a nice idea.

The following is a guide of how to make 'beach hut bunting' which will brighten up any room, to be displayed on a wall of hung above a doorway.

Scrap wood (thick card can be used but won't last as long) ban saw, modge podge or PVA glue, scissors, imagery (photo copy print outs of pattern from books/magazines/wallpaper), string,hooks.

(Steps to follow) 

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