Thursday, 14 August 2014

Blu tack and a drawer of old curtain rings!

Was feeling a tad uninspired this afternoon (and to be honest a bit bored of toddler activities!) so thought I'd have an afternoon of sorting through a few art drawers and boxes (with the help of Rupes of course!) 
To my surprise it kept us entertained for the whole afternoon, dolly pegs strung on strings hung around the bedroom, cut out wall paper shapes stuck on wood with blu tack...

....And managed to have a good old sort at the same time! 
Made me realise- if I'm at a loose end or stuck for ideas of how to entertain a 2 year old, all I have to do is tip one of my many boxes of hoarded stuff out on the floor and take it from there- killing 2 birds with one stone! 

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Wooden Chandelier

Wooden Chandelier
Maison et Objet exhibiton. A bespoke commission for Liberty London came from this show.