Wednesday, 13 August 2014

More and more lamps!

Every time I say 'that's it, I might move on from lampshades' I get asked to do more workshops or commissions, they seem to be my trade mark! So I find myself once again routing around carboots, skips and charity shops for more shades to add to my collection!! 
My little boy Rupes, has a great time with them- the things you can do with lampshades! 

They are actually becoming harder to find these days with people charging a premium for even the horrid modern ones- but I'm pleased to say that I still know the haunts to get a bargain- my whole family go hunting when I need to replenish my supply! 
I never stop collecting- I have future ideas for my wedding decor, so I never let one pass me by! 
These were for recent workshops:
Two really nice local studios. 

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Wooden Chandelier

Wooden Chandelier
Maison et Objet exhibiton. A bespoke commission for Liberty London came from this show.