Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Our little holiday house

We've turned this little place around in a few weeks and have now moved in!
Now for the exciting bit.... Interior design!!
We're going to eventually rest this out as a holiday let so its challenging my colour skills as I want to keep it fairly toned down compared to my usual bright style! I'll leave the flamboyant prints and colours for the main house. 
I've been choosing tonal calming colours such as pinks and blues, but keeping them really light to avoid the cottage feeling even smaller than it is. 
Here's I've gone for 'white mist' Matt emulation, with 'pebble' eggshell for the wood work. It's really subtle but this is a complimentary combination- and put together draws out the blue and orange in each colour. complimentary colour schemes always brings out the best in their partner (opposites on the colour wheel)
In now deciding on the soft furnishings- and looking into subtle oranges to complement the blue even more-

Although I have just seen a funky chicken/duck fabric which is greens and oranges, so I may go with my instinct and go with that rather than follow rules!! 

This is by 'prestigious fabrics' 
This room has got to suit my little boy until it's changed into a twin bed room for the holiday let- I'm thinking this can be the fun more bold room.
There are various wall lights that need replacing, and i stumbled across this character and thought he'd make a good feature task light-
The second double bedroom will be the subtle sleep retreat! For this I'm using oyster pinks and a gorgeous Sanderson fabric, with floral blues and purples, for the curtains which I picked up for only £9- pictures to follow. 

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