Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ready to dress...

After all this time, hard work building and renovating  our house, it's the moment I've been waiting for! 
May the interior design commence....well, when I've saved a few pennies!
Here's some pictures before I clutter up and colour in our new house!
The kitchen is my favourite room so far, purely because it's the only room with some colour. We had so many decisions to make at the end of the build (from door knobs to taps to architrave) that I didn't want to make quick decisions on colour and decorating that I may regret.
I also think it's important to get a feel of the space and see what evolves. Sometimes a design idea will just pop into my head- from a feeling I get rather than thinking about too hard. 
The inglenook before being lime plastered and tiled. 
Really love the feel of the hall, we chose external stone floor tiles, to give it a rustic aged feel, it looks like they've been there 100's of years. The mixed textures of brick,  layered stone (all original but sand blasted) and timber give real character and when the down lights are on it's really cosie.
I'm planning on putting a nice big arm chair in the corner, or maybe a little table and chairs for Rupes and Bob. 

Finished en suite, really happy with my colour and pattern choices, although in future if we re-decorate I may go for a darker shade of paint to make it feel warmer and cosier- I'd probably pick a darker shade of blue from the decorative wall tiles. 
We're putting shutters on the windows, which i need to decide a colour for. 
Rupes room before it goes tropical! 
My bedroom, planning on lots of brights for fabrics and bedding, but keeping the walls light and airy. 

In the nick of time we finished the bay window in time for Christmas, it's Douglas fir and in time it will go silver and look aged. 
The big paper star is a bargain from really well, so going to keep it up after the festive season. 
To finish, a couple of pics in the snow...this time last year we were living on a building site, getting a bath in a box and going into a shed to do my VERY happy to be in! 
Strangely going to miss the hussel and bustle of builders coming and going, and all the excitement of things changing and evolving....still lots to do though, think it'll be a project to last a life time! 
Excited to unpack all my boxes of 'stuff'- start adding some colour and bring this house to life! 

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