Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Manikin madness

Fun morning out at the Scrap store- I LOVE it! The boys loved it too, a shopping trip where you can put whatever you like in the trolley! 
Came home with 'Cassandra' a bright orange manikin!! Thinking she might make a standing lamp! Wasn't exactly what I went shopping for, but very chuffed with her.
This trip was more of a novelty trip for Rupert, he filled a giant bag with everything from wood, carpet rolls, ribbons, strange electric cables, pipes.....
It'll keep him amused for hours at home, better than any toy!
Stacks of fabric too- I'll be heading back another day to get some of this for some project or another. 

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Wooden Chandelier

Wooden Chandelier
Maison et Objet exhibiton. A bespoke commission for Liberty London came from this show.