Monday, 8 February 2016

Spring is in the air

I'm sure I heard birds this morning that made it feel slightly more spring like!

Just wanted to capture a few pictures to see how the house is going to transform over the next 6 months.  So excited to inject some colour onto the very plain walls, just trying to find the time to get sorted! 
Going to go for a bold green on this back wall, I want it to feel cosie and homely- this should compliment the Reds and oranges. It's a big room so it can take statement colours. 

My collection of plates would look better on a colourful background.

I'm beginning to collect and make cushions, mixing old fabrics which I've collected over time together with more contemporary prints. 
These sofas were a bargain for £100 off eBay, I've tried to jazz them up with throws- although I'm planning on putting some brighter ones on them. 

This baby is our next project, although I am trying to encourage Ant to take a small break after none stop slog with the house! The plan is to transform it into a studio/annex/hide out! Ultimately I want to run workshops and work from here. It needs knocking down and re-building, but we will keep all the character and re-use the bricks, it'll just be water tight!
We're calling it The Bird House (there's a sweet little stone ledge with a hole on the outside!)
This was ripped from the old kitchen, I absolutely love it but it's completely coroded, so we're using it as an outdoor fire. 

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Wooden Chandelier

Wooden Chandelier
Maison et Objet exhibiton. A bespoke commission for Liberty London came from this show.